When and How to Service Your Wheel Bearings

July 15, 2019

If you are wondering when you should service your trailer’s wheel bearings, refer to the below key things to look for. If you trailer falls into any of these points, you should consider servicing your wheel bearings.

  • You have driven 6,000 miles or more with your trailer
  • It has been 6 months since your last wheel bearing service
  • Your trailer hasn’t moved for an extended period of time
  • The hub has 1/8" or more of side-to-side play
  • While the trailer is raised by a jack, you hear an abnormal sound or grinding noise when spinning the tire
  • There is a wobble in your tire while spinning the wheel

If you trailer has one or more of the above issues, it is time to service your wheel bearings. You can bring your trailer into your local TrailersPlus dealership for service, or you can perform the wheel bearing service at home with the below steps:

  • Locate all of the proper equipment needed to perform the job safely: jack stands, jack that is rated for your trailer’s weight, a level work surface, gloves, and wheel chocks
  • Place the trailer on a level work surface
  • Chock the tires to prevent the trailer from rolling away or rocking side-to-side
  • Place the jack on the main frame rail or equalizer, depending on your situation
  • Lift the trailer high enough to place onto jack stands and have the tire off the ground
  • Remove the dust plug on your dust cap
  • Attach your grease gun onto the zerk fitting
  • While spinning the tire, pump the grease
  • When you see the grease pushing back toward the dust cal, the grease reservoir is full. If you already have a reservoir full of grease, you can wipe away the old grease as the new is pumped in.

Your trailer wheel bearings are serviced! Your trailer is now ready to roll down the road again.

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