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Here at TrailersPlus, we pride ourselves on offering an incredible selection of new utility trailers for sale that are suited for a variety of functions. Whether you're in the professional landscaping business or enjoy tearing up the trails with your ATV on a regular basis, having proper transportation to haul your supplies to your next destination is critical. That's where our utility trailers come in. We offer trailers of all sizes and configurations, from small utility trailers to 7x12 trailers. Come by one of our nearby trailer dealers today to find the new utility trailer that perfectly matches your needs.

7-ft Wide Trailers for Sale

We're proud to offer Carry-On equipment trailers that are fit for both work and play. Our 7-feet wide trailers can easily accommodate larger equipment as well as ATVs and UTVs. Every equipment trailer for sale on our lot is built to TrailersPlus specifications and features a commercial-strength wood deck. Their open design makes it easy to load up with a forklift, while rear ramps provide additional access.

Features of 7’ Wide Equipment Trailers


Built to TrailersPlus Specifications

All Interstate trailers are built with the highest standard of quality and durability. Period. We maintain that standard for all trailers we sell, so when we partnered with Carry-On to distribute 7’ wide equipment trailers we had them ensure our standard of quality.


Commercial Strength Wood Deck

Built to withstand the test of durability and to handle all your transportation needs, our commercial strength wood decks are designed with your equipment in mind. Drive with peace of mind knowing that your cargo is safe and secure on your 7’ wide equipment trailer.


Open Design

Our 7’ wide equipment trailers feature an open design without side rails to accommodate wider loads, loading and unloading pallets with forklifts, and equipment that would be difficult to exit with fixed sides, such as vehicles with doors.


Rear Ramps

Load and unload your equipment with our rear ramps, optioned either to be stored underneath the trailer or pivoted upward and locked into a vertical position.


Dexter Spring Axles

All Carry-On 7’ wide equipment trailers are equipped with American-Made Dexter Axles, the quality leader in the industry for over 50 years. Our trailers are constructed with heavy duty leaf springs that provide superior durability and handling.


Radial Tires

Our 7' wide equipment trailers with a 12k or higher rating come equipped with radial tires. They provide a longer life and increased fuel mileage when compared to bias ply tires. Not only that, but radial tires are much less prone to blowouts. In line with Interstate’s legendary durability, we want our trailers to get you to and from the job with zero hassle, and we are willing to go the extra mile.



All Carry-On 7’ wide equipment trailers come with a 1-year material and workmanship warranty.

Trailer Sizes

trailers size
trailers size

4’ & 5’ Wide Utility Trailers

Our 4’ and 5’ wide Carry-On utility trailers are designed for hauling your ATV, lawn mower, scooter, and more. Often used for moving or helping your kids back to college, these trailers are perfect for quick and easy transportation.

Sizes Offered:

Single Axle: 4x5, 4x6, 4x8, 5x10, 5x12, 5x14, 5.5x8, 5.5x10, 5.5x12

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trailers size
trailers size

6’ Wide Utility Trailers

Do you need to haul your ATV or UTV for the weekend, or are you growing your landscaping crew? Our 6’ wide Carry-On utility trailers are designed for both weekend recreation and the workday. With options such as solid sides, high sides, or pipe tops, these trailers can accommodate a small landscaping crew, trash relocation, or up to two UTVs.

Sizes Offered:

Single Axle: 6x10, 6x12, 6x12 with side ramp, 6x14
Tandem Axle: 6x12, 6x14, 6x16, 6x18

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trailers size
trailers size

7’ Wide Utility Trailers

Our 7’ wide Carry-On utility trailers have the whole crew in mind - both for work and play. Able to accommodate larger landscaping crews as well as your team of ATV/UTV riders, these trailers are built with versatility for any day of the week.

Sizes Offered:

Single Axle: 7x12, 7x12 with side ramp, 7x14
Tandem Axle: 7x14, 7x16

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For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide.

For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide. We have 73 locations across the country. offering the largest selection and 100 trailers at every store. We focus on delivering the highest quality trailers and the best customer service in industry.

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