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Custom Trailers for Sale

The trailers in our inventory aren’t your only options when shopping for your next model. TrailerPlus can help you find the trailer that meets your needs. We specialize in customizing high-quality Interstate models that are up to any task.

Since we joined the business over twenty years ago, we’ve built thousands of custom trailers for concession, construction, recreation, and other purposes. No matter the trailer type, size, or need, TrailersPlus can build it better than anyone else! Our work is backed up by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Tell Us About Your Custom Trailer Needs

Do you already know what you need from your custom model? Call (877) 850-7587 or fill out the form below with your custom requests, and our team will contact you within two business days. Our team will review your request and come up with solutions we can recommend before we get started.

Thank you for your submission! A representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Our Custom Trailer Work


Open-Platform Food Concession Trailer


Kettle Corn Concession Trailer


Tailgater Trailer

Custom Trailers for Sale near Me

With the help of your local TrailersPlus, you can easily get a trailer that checks every box on your list. We can custom-build a trailer that meets your exact specifications, whether you’re searching for custom trailers in Texas or custom trailers in California. Each of our locations has extensive experience creating models for professional and personal use.

All of our custom models are made from Interstate trailers. Interstate models have a DuraFrame™ design, and enclosed units feature a QuadraSealed™ roof seam. These rugged, capable trailers are known for their durability and are ready to stand up to whatever you throw at them.

You can rely on our team to handle your custom trailer throughout its life, too. We have service centers at each location to ensure that your unit gets the care it needs. Each purchased trailer comes with two free certified inspections, which you can redeem at our service centers. We recommend inspections every 12 months, even for custom models, to keep on top of any wear and tear on your unit. Our certified technicians can also recommend any maintenance or repair services your model may need.

Trailer Customization Ideas

While our cargo trailers serve as excellent worksite partners and outdoor companions, they have alternate uses. One of the most popular customization options for these models is a concession stand, which is ideal for football games, food truck gatherings, and other community events.

You can also take work on the go by converting a trailer into a mobile office space. If you own a business and sell products outside the home, consider a custom cargo model that can become your mobile boutique.

Check out some of the popular trailer customizations we’ve completed online, then contact a member of our team to start building a model you love. From air conditioner units and fluorescent lighting to baseboard heaters, windows, awning doors, and more, there are plenty of ways to customize yours. We can't wait to hear your ideas!

Our Most Popular Customization Options

When you design your custom model, there are many options open to you. Our team can help you select the right parts and accessories your trailer needs to help you work, play, and everything else in between. Here are some of the most popular customization additions we offer for our trailers:

110V Package

The 110V package provides lighting and power capability to your trailer. It includes two four-foot Fluorescent Lights, two wall switches, an interior outlet, an external GFI outlet, and a 110V panel box with a lifeline and lifeline hatch.

To install this package, your model requires an installed ceiling liner.

50 AMP Panel, Lifeline and Hatch

Add additional power to your trailer with a 50 AMP panel. This package includes the installation of a 50 AMP Panel box and 36-foot lifeline.

4’ Fluorescent Lights

Light up the interior of your trailer with four feet of fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights offer crisp, vibrant lighting so you can work, play, and everything in between. These lights require 110V power installation.

50 AMP Lifeline Door/Hatch

Access power inside and outside of your model with a 50 AMP lifeline door/hatch.

4’ Baseboard Heater

With a 4' baseboard heater, there is no need for a jacket. Extend your camping season or shape the chill off before a day of riding on the trails. Baseboard heating requires the installation of 110V power.

Concession Door with Window

Perfect for the vendor, the 74-inch x 40-inch concession door includes two sliding windows for easy access to the outside.

Awning Door

Turn your trailer into a vending truck with an awning door installation! This installation provides an overhead cover to block the sun and offers access to the inside of the trailer, making it excellent for ticket sales, gear rentals, or food vending.


Are you using your trailer as a camper, or would you just like some extra lighting? Consider installing 15-inch-wide x 30-inch-long and 30-inch-wide x 30-inch-long windows. Tell us where to place them, and we’ll install them.

Window in Cam Door

You can have a window installed in the side door of your trailer. This window is installed vertically and measures 12 inches wide by 30 inches long.

Spare Tire Compartment

A recessed spare tire compartment in the floor offers a seamless interior design. It is 33 inches x 33 inches and allows you to store materials or build shelving on all trailer walls without worrying about your spare tire placement.

Recessed Battery Box in Floor

Do you want 12V power but don’t want to see the battery or store it on the exterior of the trailer? We install recessed battery boxes on the floor of your custom model for out-of-sight convenience. The battery box is 8.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches long x 11 inches deep.

Exterior 500W Quartz Light

Do you work outside your trailer at night? Our exterior 500-watt quartz light eliminates the need for supplemental lighting.

Requires the installation of a 110V power package.

Cam Lock Upgrade on RV Door

Install a cam-lock upgrade on your RV door for added security and convenience.

8’ Workbench

Do you use your trailer as a workbench or to house tools? Install a workbench on the front or side of your model to complete the customization.

E-Track Recessed in Wall and Floor

For a more professional look and streamlined feel, consider installing a flush-mount e-track. It can be mounted on the wall or the floor, whichever is best for you.

Generator Compartment

Do you run corded tools all day, need to charge batteries, or plan to run 110V power while camping? Install a 36-inch x 24-inch generator compartment. The compartment is accessible from outside the trailer and comes with a lock and vent.

Flooring Options

Install flooring in your trailer! We offer several flooring types depending on what you use your trailer for:

  • TPO Flooring is highly chemically resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, battery acid, engine oil, brake fluid, cleaners, and other common chemicals.
  • Poly flooring is typically used in our snowmobile trailers to withstand carbide bites.

ATP Flooring can be smooth or textured depending on the traction you need and is known for its durability against debris.

Finished Wall and Ceiling

Create a seamless atmosphere in your trailer with white vinyl or aluminum walls. This can create a calm and professional-looking interior for you to operate your business out of.

Intake / Exhaust Fan

Fresh air can make any trailer more comfortable for workers, relaxers, and adventurers. Circulate the air, bring out fumes, or bring in cool air with an intake/exhaust fan! It runs off 12V power.

Shade Awning

Pair your trailer with an awning for sunny days camping, tailgating at the big game, or teaching outdoors. Shade awnings are available in lengths from 8 to 24 feet, depending on the size of your custom unit.

Awning Shelf

If you’re a food vendor, consider adding an awning shelf. Paired with awning doors or windows, an awning shelf provides a convenient location for customers to place their food, drink, and funds at the point of transaction.

Partition Wall

If you run a classroom in your trailer, divide your workspace and storage with a partition. Your partition can be one smooth wall or include an RV door. Installing a partition requires a finished ceiling.

Solid Rear Wall

If you want your trailer completely closed off and prefer a standard door at the back of your unit, consider adding a solid rear wall. A solid rear wall allows for either one access point to the trailer or allows for a larger rear RV-style door to be placed there.

For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide.

For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide. We have 81 locations across the country. offering the largest selection and 100 trailers at every store. We focus on delivering the highest quality trailers and the best customer service in industry.

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