Enclosed Cargo Trailers/Custom Trailers

Are you looking to protect and secure your cargo from the outside elements? TrailersPlus is proud to carry the toughest trailers on the planet -- Interstate cargo trailers. No matter if you're seeking an enclosed car hauler to transport your vehicle or want to customize a trailer to meet your unique business needs, you're sure to find the perfect fit when you shop at one of our nearby trailer dealers. Want to compare Interstate Victory vs. Loadrunner trailers or review enclosed trailer sizes? Head to your nearest TrailersPlus location today to speak with our team!

Models We Offer

  • Trailer-rated tires
  • Built to TrailersPlus specifications
  • Bolted aluminum door hinges
  • .024” aluminum siding
  • White or gray wheels (depending on trailer color)
  • LED lights
  • Available in most popular trailer sizes
  • 1-year material and workmanship warranty

  • Radial tires
  • Welded steel door hinges
  • 1 piece, no seam roof design
  • .024” aluminum siding for white or .030” aluminum siding for color
  • Spare tire mount
  • Gusseted construction for strength and flexibility
  • Dexter axles
  • LED lights
  • Available in most popular trailer sizes
  • 1-year roof warranty
  • 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

Includes features from Victory model plus:

  • Tie downs - floor and wall
  • .030” aluminum siding
  • Aero flow vents
  • Stabilizer jack
  • Heavy duty roof design
  • 6” extra height
  • Diamond plate fenders
  • Door catch and handles
  • EZ flex suspension on 102” wides
  • Optional upgrades: RV door, 6” extra height, 4” drop axle
  • 5-year roof warranty
  • 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

Includes features from LoadRunner model plus:

  • Dexter torsion axles
  • RV door
  • Heavy duty tie downs
  • Loading lights: 1 on side, 2 on rear
  • Chrome rims
  • Exterior diamond plate rock guard trim
  • Taller diamond plate stone guard
  • Lifetime roof warranty
  • 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

Dump Trailer Specifications & Features

Every Carry-On dump trailer and Interstate gooseneck trailer we sell is built to TrailersPlus specifications, achieving the highest standard of quality and durability. Many of our dump trailers also feature a power-up/power-down hydraulic lift, which allows for easy unloading thanks to a remote function design that lifts the bed of the trailer to 40 degrees. You'll also have the option to choose between two- or three-way gate trailer configurations to allow for ease of access to the dump bed. Plus, we have 5-feet, 6-feet and 7-feet wide dump trailers available, making it easy to find the exact trailer size you need.

Additional Carry-On and Interstate dump trailer features can include: Dexter Spring Axles, Interstate Deep Cycle Battery, Hydraulic Unit in Sealed Steel Compartment, Radial Tires, Dump Tarp, Stake Pockets, D-Rings, Trailer Ramps, and More!

Gooseneck Dump Trailers for Sale near Me

Our Interstate gooseneck dump trailers are ready to handle whatever jobs you have in store. Featuring a long "gooseneck" hitch, these trailers grant greater stability and minimize the chance of swaying. The result? Over 10,000 pounds of hauling capability. Want to compare gooseneck vs. bumper pull dump trailers? Speak with the TrailersPlus team to find out which is best suited for your needs.

Once you've decided on which trailer is right for you, head to one of our local trailer dealers. We'll be happy to walk you through the sales process and even set you up with a trailer financing plan that works for you. We can't wait to see you on our lot!

Dump Trailer Features


Built to TrailersPlus Specifications

All Interstate trailers are built with the highest standard of quality and durability. Period. We expect that standard to be maintained for all trailers we sell, so when we partnered with Carry-On to distribute open-trailer car haulers we had them ensure our standard of quality.


Hydraulic Lift

Unload your dump trailer with ease using our power-up / power-down hydraulic lifts. Featuring a remote function design which lifts up to 40 degrees, the hydraulic lifts on all Carry-On and Interstate dump trailers will get your job done.


Two- or Three-Way Gate

All Carry-On dump trailers feature a double door barn gate for easy access to the dump bed. Conveniently load equipment, unload a pallet, or dump scrap with the use of this gate. The Interstate Gooseneck and Carry-On 7x14 14k features a three-way gate, capable of opening barn door (two-way) style like the Carry-On dumps, or spreader style where the top corners stay fixed and the bottom corners unlatch for spreading gravel or black dirt.


Low Profile 24” Sides

Dump trailers aren’t only for hauling material. With low profile 24” sides, you have easy access to tie down points when hauling equipment such as skidsteers or mini excavators, or when loading pallets with a forklift. We offer an option for higher sides, adding an extra 24” to the side height of your trailer for hauling brush or roofing scrap.


Commercial Strength Floor and Walls

By using heavy gauge steel for our floor and walls, our dump trailers have the strength to get the job done every time. The increased resistance to warping and damage leave our trailers to stand the test of time. The Carry-On dump trailer walls and floor are made from 14-gauge and 11-gauge steel, respectively. The Interstate dump trailer walls and floor are constructed with 10-gauge steel.


Dexter Spring Axles

All TrailersPlus-carried dump trailers are built with American-Made Dexter Axles, the quality leader in the industry for over 50 years. Our trailers are constructed with heavy duty leaf springs that provide superior durability and handling.


Interstate Deep Cycle Battery

We only put the best quality into our products. That is why we use Interstate Deep Cycle batteries, capable of being discharged and recharged on a continuous basis. Paired with Interstate’s legendary quality, this was the perfect match for our products.


Hydraulic Unit in Sealed Steel Compartment

The controls and battery for the dump bed’s hydraulic unit are located in a sealed steel compartment at the front of the trailer. Not only does this provide cover from the elements, but it gives you an extra storage space for gloves and safety vests.


Radial Tires

Our 12k, 14k and gooseneck dump trailers come equipped with radial tires. They provide a longer life and increased fuel mileage when compared to bias ply tires. Not only that, but radial tires are much less prone to blowouts. In line with Interstate’s legendary durability, we want our trailers to get you to and from the job with zero hassle and are willing to go the extra mile.


Optional Dump Tarp

Optional on Carry-On dump trailers and standard on Interstate dumps, protect and keep your cargo in place with a dump tarp. More and more states are requiring dump tarps on trailers, plus a dump tarp prevents debris from damaging the vehicle behind you. Ask a store associate about our dump tarp options.


Stake Pockets

All our dump trailers have welded stake pockets on either side of the bed. Whether you want to build you own high-sides for hauling brush and roofing scrap or would like to use them as extra tie-down points, the included stake pockets are there for your convenience.



Secure your equipment in the 6x12 12k, 7x14 14k, and gooseneck models with pre-mounted D-rings. Whether you’re hauling a skidsteer, mini excavator, or pallets, you will be DOT compliant and can safely and securely haul cargo to and from the jobsite.



Our commercial grade steel ramps included with our 6x12 12k, 7x14 14k, and gooseneck models are ready to tackle all of your equipment loading needs. Securely store ramps underneath the rear of the trailer - they are available when you need them and hidden but accessible when you don’t.



All Interstate and Carry-On dump trailers come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Trailer Sizes

trailers size
trailers size

4’ & 5’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Our 4’ and 5’ wide enclosed cargo trailers are designed for short-term storage and for hauling small equipment. Often used for luggage transport and store advertisements, these trailers are perfect for quick and easy transportation.

Sizes Offered:

Single Axle: 4x6, 5x8, 5x10

Search for 4’ & 5’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers
trailers size
trailers size

6’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Our 6’ wide enclosed cargo trailers are great for construction, storage, or hauling your toys. Suited to be pulled with SUVs, light trucks and larger vehicles, these trailers offer a versatile solution for both work and play.

Sizes Offered:

Single Axle: 6x10, 6x12, and 6x14
Tandem Axle: 6x12

Search for 6’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers
trailers size
trailers size

7’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Our 7’ wide enclosed cargo trailers are designed for those who want additional height and payload capacity over 6’ wide cargo trailers. These tandem axle trailers are perfect for work and play, capable of hauling enough equipment for a crew of workers during the week and larger ATVs on the weekend.

Sizes Offered:

Tandem Axle: 7x12, 7x14, 7x16

Search for 7’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers
trailers size
trailers size

8.5’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Optioned with double doors or a rear ramp, our 8.5’ wide enclosed cargo trailers are built with the construction worker in mind. Upgraded to 5,200lb axles, these cargo trailers are designed for hauling heavy loads. Many customers build these trailers out with storage and shelving specific to their industry. Whether you are a carpenter, landscaper, roofer, or framer, these heavy-duty trailers offer a blank slate for you to build the trailer to suit your job.

Sizes Offered:

Tandem Axle: 8.5x16, 8.5x18

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trailers size

8.5’ Wide Car Haulers, Allsport and Snowsport Trailers

As our largest enclosed cargo trailers on the lot, these are built with continuous 8” I-beams to support the heaviest of loads. Aside from our deckover snowsport edition, these cargo trailers have a no-show beaver tail design in the rear for ease of loading and additional door clearance. Our 8.5x20 and 8.5x24 cargo trailers can be set up for snowsports, UTVs and ATVs (Allsport), as a car hauler, or as a standard cargo trailer. Some of our customers also use these for moving and camping with the installation of an A/C unit. These trailers include many features and options for ultimate customization.

Sizes Offered:

Tandem Axle: 8.5x16 to 8.5x35

Search for 8.5’ Wide Car Haulers, Allsport and Snowsport Trailers
trailers size
trailers size

Custom Trailers

Do you have a specific design in mind? Partner with one of our custom trailer experts to build your perfect trailer from the frame up. Food vendors, weekend campers, and on-the-job classroom trainers alike have worked with us to create the exact trailer to fit their needs.

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For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide.

For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide. We have 73 locations across the country. offering the largest selection and 100 trailers at every store. We focus on delivering the highest quality trailers and the best customer service in industry.

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