Radial versus Bias Ply Trailer Tires

July 14, 2019

There are two types of tires that a trailer could have: radial and bias ply. Which do you have on your trailer? Do you know the difference? Read below to learn more about radial and bias ply trailer tires, situations that each tire type is best for, and general trailer tire information.

Radial versus Bias Ply Trailer Tires

  • Tread Life: Radials have an estimated 3X longer life over Bias Ply
  • Construction: Radials have more durable construction
  • Sidewalls: Bias Ply have stronger sidewalls
  • Price: Bias Ply are less expensive
  • Temperature: Radials run cooler than Bias Ply

Which Tire is Best For You?

  • Radial Tires: Preferred for higher mileage and consistent trailer use
  • Bias Ply Tires: Preferred for lower mileage and occasional use. Better for off-road use and less likely to have sidewall punctures

General Trailer Tire Information

  • Dry rot: Also known as sidewall cracking, dry rot is decay in your trailer tire. Dry rot can be caused from lack of use, under inflation, and excessive heat exposure.
  • Unlike vehicle tires, many trailer tires need to be replaced due to dry rot versus mileage.
  • The typical radial trailer tire will last an estimated 18,000 miles with consistent use, maintenance, and even load distribution.
  • The Department of Transportation recommends replacing trailer tires every 6 years based on the date code on the sidewall of the tire regardless of its use or tread life.

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