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TrailersPlus can build you the trailer you want! We specialize in customizing high quality Interstate trailers for every need. We’ve built thousands of custom trailers for concession, construction, recreation, and many other purposes. No matter the trailer type, size or need, TrailersPlus can build it better than anyone else! And don’t forget, our work is backed up by our 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

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Our Custom Trailer Work


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Our Most Popular Options:


110V Package

A complete package with lighting, wall switch, outlets, and a panel box with lifeline and hatch.

(2) 4’ Fluorescent Lights with Wall Switch
(2) Interior Outlets
(1) External GFI Outlet 110V Panel Box w/ Lifeline and lifeline hatch
*Requires a ceiling liner

50 AMP Panel, Lifeline and Hatch

Get started by adding power to your trailer with a 50 AMP panel.

50 AMP Panel Box
36’ Lifeline

4’ Fluorescent Lights

Illuminates the entire inside of your trailer!
*Requires 110V power

50 AMP Lifeline Door/Hatch

Add a 50 AMP lifeline door/hatch for easy access inside and out of the trailer.

Air Conditioning Unit

Beat the heat at the racetrack or your campsite with a 15,000 BTU A/C unit. Insulation is available as an option.
*Requires a ceiling liner and 110V power

4’ Baseboard Heater

No need for a jacket with a 4’ baseboard heater. Extend your camping season or take the edge off before a day of riding on the trails.
*Requires 110V power

Concession Door with Window

Perfect for the vendor, this 74”x40” concession door includes 2 slider windows for easy access to the outside.

Awning Door

Turn your trailer into a vending truck with an awning door installation! Providing overhead cover to block from the sun and giving access to the inside of the trailer, this installation is great for ticket sales, gear rentals, or food vending.


Are you using your trailer as a camper or would just like some extra lighting? We install both 15” W x 30” L and 30” W x 30” L windows. Just specify placement, and we will get it inserted.

Window in Cam Door

You can have a window installed in a side door, providing the door is cam style (non-RV door). This window is 12” W x 30” L and is installed vertically.

Spare Tire Compartment

A recessed spare tire compartment in the floor not only gives a seamless design, but allows for you to store material or build shelving on all other walls of the trailer without having to worry about your spare tire placement. This compartment is 33” x 33”.

Recessed Battery Box in Floor

Do you want 12V power but don’t want to see the battery or store it outside the trailer? We install recessed battery boxes in the floor for an out-of-sight application. Battery box is 8.5”W x 11.5”L x 11”D.

Exterior 500W Quartz Light

Do you continually carry out work outside at night? Our exterior 500w quartz light eliminates the need for supplemental lighting.
*Requires 110V power

Cam Lock Upgrade on RV Door

The security of a cam lock door is outstanding, but the convenience of an RV door is unmatched. Why not have both? Install a cam lock upgrade on your RV door for added security.

Upper and Lower Cabinets

Complete your tool crib with 96” upper and lower cabinets for 102” wide trailers.
*Front wall must be walled off

Cabinets 2 Door Base with 4 Door Overhead

Your 102” wide trailer can use the extra storage! With a 60” 2-door base and 95-¾” overhead, you can store nearly every tool you use.
*Front needs to be partitioned off

Upper and Lower Closet Cabinets

Whether you work in a dirty environment or seasonally, a cabinet and closet installation provides the best of both worlds.

Overhead Wall Cabinets

Keep your floor open for equipment by installing an overhead wall cabinet. These cabinets are 16” D x 16” H x 32” W.
*Can be mounted on front wall or side wall, but front needs to be walled off

8’ Workbench

Complete your tool crib with a workbench installation. This can be mounted on the front or side of the trailer.

E-Track Recessed in Wall and Floor

Flush mount e-track for a professional look and feel. This can be mounted in the wall or the floor.

Generator Compartment

Do you run corded tools all day, need to charge batteries or plan to run 110V power while camping? Install a 36”x24” generator compartment, accessible from the outside of the trailer with lock and vent.

Flooring Options

Install flooring in your trailer! We offer:
-TPO Flooring is highly chemical resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, battery acid, engine oil, brake fluid, cleaners and other common chemicals.
-Poly Flooring is typically used in our snowmobile trailers to withstand bite from carbides.
-ATP Flooring.

Finished Wall and Ceiling

Create a seamless atmosphere in your trailer with white vinyl or aluminum walls.

Recessed Wheel Chocks

Haul your motorcycles one day and ATVs the next - recessed wheel chocks are there when you need them and hidden when you don’t.

Non-Stocking Color Options

We typically offer trailers in white, black, pewter, charcoal, champagne, and red. We offer options in orange, yellow, indigo blue, and burgundy wine, based on availability.

Intake / Exhaust Fan

Circulate the air, bring out fumes or bring in cool air with an intake / exhaust fan!
*Runs off 12V power

Shade Awning

Pair your trailer with an awning for sunny days camping, tailgating at the big game, or for preparing an outdoor classroom.
*Available in lengths from 8’ to 24’

Awning Shelf

If you’re a food vendor, you definitely need an awning shelf. Paired with awning doors or windows, this provides a convenient location for customers to place their food, drink, and funds at the point of transaction.

Partition Wall

If you run a classroom, split your workspace and storage, or are converting to a toy hauler camper, a partition wall is the upgrade for you! This is available with or without an RV door in the partition.
*Requires a finished ceiling

Solid Rear Wall

If you want your trailer completely closed off or would like the back wall to be a standard door, we can do both. A solid rear wall allows for either 1 access point to the trailer or gives you the option for a larger rear RV style door to be placed there.

For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide.

For over 20 years, TrailersPlus has been dedicated to providing premier trailers, parts and services nationwide. We have over 70 locations across the country. offering the largest selection and 100 trailers at every store. We focus on delivering the highest quality trailers and the best customer service in industry.

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